Breast Augmentation

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There’s never been a better time to have breast augmentation, as today you have more choices than ever to help you customize your new look. Whether you’d like more dramatic curves or a modest boost in cleavage, there’s an option suited to your needs. Arezou Yaghoubian, MD, at AESTHETICA LA in Tarzana and West Hills, California, has helped hundreds of women enhance their natural shape and boost their self-confidence. Call her office or schedule an online appointment today.

Breast Augmentation Q & A

Why might breast augmentation be needed?

Breast augmentation, called augmentation mammoplasty, increases the breasts one or more sizes. In addition to increasing breast size for cosmetic reasons, the surgery can correct breast deformities, such as one breast being noticeably larger or a different shape than the other.

The procedure can also enlarge and shape tuberous breasts, a condition in which the breasts did not develop fully during puberty. After losing a significant amount of weight, and after breastfeeding, breasts may sag due to loss of fullness.

No matter what the reason, breast augmentation usually results in increased confidence and a more positive self-image.

What does breast augmentation surgery involve?

Before performing surgery, Dr. Yaghoubian seeks your input on what you’re hoping to achieve. She shares before and after pictures with you to help you get an idea of the difference that surgery has made in other cases and to ensure that your goals are realistic.

Dr. Yaghoubian performs breast augmentation at an outpatient surgery center or hospital, depending on your case. You can choose one of two types of breast augmentation surgery -- artificial implants or fat transfer. For either procedure, you’re under general anesthesia when she makes an incision, usually near the bottom of the breast.

For surgery using implants, Dr. Yaghoubian inserts the implants either under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. The implants are made of a silicone shell with either a silicone gel or a saline solution inside.

For breast augmentation with fat transfer, the procedure involves removing fat from another part of your body -- usually the buttocks or thighs -- and injecting it into your breasts.

Dr. Yaghoubian may prescribe pain medication for you after the surgery, and you’ll wear a support bra both day and night to reduce swelling while you’re healing.

How long is the recovery period after breast augmentation surgery?

For the first 24-48 hours after surgery, you should get lots of rest, in addition to a reduced-activity schedule for a few days afterward. Some soreness and swelling are normal. Dr. Yaghoubian gives you post-operative instructions, which include no heavy lifting or exercise. You’ll have post-surgery checkups, and she lets you know when you can resume all of your normal activities.